Reviewing the Strategy of Transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a Knowledge Society Workshop

Al-Aghar Group has, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Planning, and the Korean Development Institute, developed and reviewed the implementation plan which encompasses the action programs to transform the Kingdom into a knowledge society. Based on Al-Aghar Group methodology of engaging stakeholders in all of its projects, Al-Aghar has organized a workshop hosted by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology on 11 April 2013, under the kind patronage of His Highness Prince Faisal Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammad Al-Saud, Minister of Education and Chairman of the Steering Committee of Al-Aghar Group. More than 100 Saudi state men, businessmen, businesswomen and intellectuals participated in reviewing and refining the implementation plan and the action programs to ensure their workability on the ground. It was notable that a number of ministers, Shoura Council members, Heads of large Saudi companies, analysts , and economic and social advisors were keen to attend the, in addition to a delegation from the Korean Development Institute for the purpose of enriching the content of the proposed strategy.


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