KSA Education Ecosystem – Partnership with the Finnish Model

Theme: Success factors of Finland in education & KSA Education Ecosystem partnership perspective. Strategic Purpose: The documentation content of this workshop reflects Al-Aghar Group’s particular interestRead More

The South Korean Transition

The South Korean Transition to a Knowledge Economy – 7 June 2011 Theme: A Case Study of the South Korean transformation into a KE (Knowledge Economy)Read More

Innovations To Market

This paper was prepared for the purpose of informing interested parties; individuals & organizations about the commercialization process … Read More

SWPF Strategy Framework

Al-Aghar Group in collaboration with Al-Bushnak Academy, which is considered one of the leading intellectual centers in regards …Read More

National Innovation Ecosystem

The Kingdom’s vision for science, technology and innovation-based (STI-based) development is to join the advanced knowledge-based economies with highly …Read More

Makkah Strategy

Efforts have been undertaken by so many selective members of Al-Aghar Group to develop a strategy for Makkah region, in order to support the Makkah Region Governor’s …Read More

Financial Crisis

The Global Financial Crisis resulted in a significant deterioration in the stock markets in addition to sharp decline affecting Oil prices globally, Saudi Arabia and …Read More

Knowledge Society

The Kingdom should not delay the development of its society and economy especially regarding knowledge; rather we must leverage our strengths to be able to leap-frog …Read More

Saudi Economic Performance

In light of the fact that Saudi Arabia’s revenue is highly dependent on oil exports, and given the instability of the oil price trends will influence the Saudi economic …Read More

Saudi Economic Development

To achieve the vision of balanced development, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must seek to diversify its economy. This development should come through empowering other …Read More